Keynote Speaking

Mindavation performs keynotes specific to project management and leadership enrichment. The following are a sample of the keynote presentations available for your organisation. Mindavation keynotes are highly engaging with take-away ideas, templates and tools.

Intelligent Disobedience – The Difference Between Good and Great Leaders (view course info)

  • intelligent disobedience is the ability to successfully counter the directions of management. You need to know how to ‘disobey your masters’ as a means of ‘saving the business’
  • to challenge, pushback and make suggestions to management that defend the integrity of your projects against the expectations of your stakeholder
  • intelligent disobedience requires courage, solid presentation skills and political awareness in addition to insight on the projects managed. It also requires a sense of balance brought forth with a sense of humour

Increasing Your Perception as a Leader – A Guide for Project Managers

  • we examine behaviours and situations that inhibit or enhance your effectiveness as a leader and address tools and techniques to alter your approach
  • project managers, especially those working in ‘matrixed’ organisations, must rely on their leadership skills to assemble and maintain viable project teams
  • this keynote will present practical tools and techniques to examine and increase your leadership perception – complete with an interactive exercise to reinforce principles discussed in the presentation

Critical JudgementIncreasing the Depth of Your Foresight (view course info)

  • project management, for most of us, is an ‘accidental profession’, however becoming adept at it is far from accidental
  • we discuss the primary elements and skills required to design a ‘responsive’ project – aggressively managing the project plan, employing a decision making strategy tailored to your customer’s organisation and putting together presentations that are effective when working with executive management
  • we examine strategies for quickly evaluating project health and assessing the capabilities of the project team, stakeholders and the validity of the requirements.
  • the presentation will take the attendees through the development of a checklist of alternatives that can be applied as they seek to revive projects in their own business environment
  • we delve into intuition and four leadership lenses: rational, organisational, political and cultural. Take a look at the leadership lens approach as a new form of thought management to better manage your projects – it’s all about effective critical judgement!

How to Turn Project Meeting Disasters into Motivating Opportunities

  • turn meeting disasters into opportunities that add value to the project work, save time and serve as motivation to your project team
  • we discuss simple tools that work — ground rules, agendas and meeting minutes that focus on actions and decisions
  • learn to use meeting roles and responsibilities to involve the entire team in order to engage them and keep the meeting moving in the right direction
  • use a quick team building exercise at your meetings to learn more about your attendee’s styles, what motivates them and understand how you can better meet their needs

Facts and Myths of Agile Projects

  • Agile projects are now “mainstream” but many people have different definitions of what Agile even means. This engaging keynote will sift through the myths around Agile projects providing participants with the reality of how Agile projects are being implemented.
  • “Pure Agile” approaches will be contrasted with various applications being applied to successfully execute Agile projects.
  • participants will be provided insights for a principle set of Agile components to consider for their work environment.
  • we will help demystify Agile and provide participants with a realistic view into the world of Agility.

Program Management – I have to do what?! The Bizarre Life of Program Managers

  • we examine the role of a program manager – who is NOT an extension of the project world but rather an extension of the management organisation
  • we explore how successful program managers perform their magic. Hint! they behave like they have the authority – with a twist!
  • a good program manager should take the heat of product delivery from the line management team – how?
  • this fun and informative keynote will discuss the broad set of responsibilities that program managers must navigate.

Recovering Troubled Projects (view course info)

  • during this keynote we will examine strategies for quickly evaluating the health of a project, assessing the capabilities of the project team, stakeholders and the validity of the requirements
  • we will discuss sound project management techniques and strategic approches that can be used to resurrect projects in crisis
  • this informative and interactive keynote will take attendees through the development checklist of alternatives that can be applied to revive projects in their own business environment


Mindavation increases innovation, personal satisfaction, team synergy and productivity of individuals and teams by presenting keynotes and workshops.  We stir up creativity and skills that are deep within you. Your existing corporate experience is leveraged to provide a learning environment that is fun and highly interactive, with lasting and practical techniques you can apply immediately to your corporate environment and personal life.

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